IMEI Service

LG Worldwide



DB : These codes are retrieved from a database. If the code is not available, the order will come back as not found and your account will be refunded. THIS Database has a higher success rate then the instant database.

Information : This service will unlock any LG phone  that requires only NETWORK CODE. [Does NOT support METROPCS Phones, Tmobile/Metropcs APP LOCK [G4, G5, K7, Stylio, Leon]. We will not refund wrong requests.


Time Frame 1-3 Days (Average)



Popular Model: AT&T LG G5


Codes Received: You will be receiving THE NETWORK CODE ONLY. 


DO NOT ORDER IF YOU NEED THE SP (Service Provider Unlock). Some carriers such as METROPCS, Fido, Bell Canada require SP codes.




Instructions: Please be sure before ordering to see if your phone prompts for an unlock code prior to ordering your unlock code. Check instructions link on the website and if not listed search online with your model number prior to ordering.



 Not supported Carriers: [ NO REFUNDS]


- Tracfone


- Net10


- Sprint


- Verizon


- IMEI starting  99xxxxxxx ,  352452xxxxx and   352265xxxxx


- Metropcs/T-Mobile APP LOCK Devices

1-3 days

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