IMEI Service

AT&T iPhone - All Models (Clean IMEI checker)+(UNLOCK If Clean)

Country: USA

Delivery: 1-24 Hours (Average)

*Phones requiring NCK Code (Non iPhone Models) generally take longer than iPhones.

Manufacture: All

Model: All

Network: AT&T  

Not Supported: Active, Blacklist, Contract, Lost/Stolen, Past Due Bill, Etc.

Supported: Clean Out of Contract IMEI


Denied (Active on Account) = Phone is currently an active line on AT&T customers account. 

Denied (In Contract) = AT&T Contract Service. Normally 2 years from activation or sooner if commitment is paid in full prior.

Denied (Please submit after 14 Days) = Device was recently upgraded and must wait 14 day grace period.

Denied (Prepaid) = AT&T GoPhone Prepaid 6 Month Service Commitment. Must be active for 6 Months before Eligible.

Denied (Service Agreement) = AT&T Next Financing program. The phone is not eligible until all Financing payments are paid.

Denied (Unknown IMEI) = The IMEI is not recognized by AT&T system. It could be a Non AT&T Phone, Replaced, or less than 60 days old.


1-72 Hours

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